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Nissan Sentra Air Intake Systems

Nissan Sentra Air Intake SystemsWant to really open up the power in your Nissan Sentra? Well then, you need an air intake from Tuner Times that will cram the maximum amount of air into your engine.

When you let your Sentra’s engine breathe easier, you’ll make more power and get better gas mileage.

Acura RSX Air Intake

Acura RSX intakeIf you want to squeeze the absolute best times out of your RSX without spending thousands of dollars? With a cold air intake from Tuner Times, your RSX will get more air, increasing combustion, and helping your car breathe easier. In addition to increased air, your engine will also be getting colder air – cold air means a more efficient engine.

Air Intake Systems for Tuners

Looking to let your engine breathe better? At Tuner Times we have an array of high quality cold air intakes that will have your import running like crazy. A new cold air intake will allow your engine to draw in more clean cool air. More air will alow the engine to make more power, while the outside air will allow it to run cooler.