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Dodge SRT-4 Air Intake Systems

SRT-4 Air IntakeWant to take your Dodge SRT-4 to the next level? If so, you’ll need a new air intake from the guys at Tuner Times. We offer an amazing array of intakes that will add horsepower and torque to your SRT4 without emptying your wallet. Rev up your SRT4 today with an intake from the guys at Tuner Times

Nissan Sentra Air Intake Systems

Nissan Sentra Air Intake SystemsWant to really open up the power in your Nissan Sentra? Well then, you need an air intake from Tuner Times that will cram the maximum amount of air into your engine.

When you let your Sentra’s engine breathe easier, you’ll make more power and get better gas mileage.

Chevy Cobalt Air Intake

Cobalt air intakeA new air intake will do wonders for your Chevy Cobalt. By allowing your engine to draw in more air, without having to work for it, you’ll be increasing the available horsepower, without using as much fuel. Our custom air intakes use smooth curves allowing air to easily move along the intake and into your engine. More power and lower fuel consumption – all in one package!

Mitsubishi Lancer Air Intake Systems

Lancer Air IntakeA new air intake will do wonders for your Mitsubishi Lancer. By scrapping the restrictive factory airbox, your Lancer will get considerably more fresh air, allowing the engine to perform better, run faster, and stay cooler.

One of the single biggest performance gains you can do to your car is to install a quality aftermarket air intake system from Tuner Times.

Honda Civic Air Intake

Honda Civic Air IntakeDo you want to really push the envelope with your Honda Civic? Are you trying to squeeze the last bit of performance out of an already fast car? Do you need to maximize your gas mileage to save money? Whatever your goals, a new air intake from Tuner Times can help you achieve them. Our air intakes will let your Civic’s engine breathe freely and run better.

Acura RSX Air Intake

Acura RSX intakeIf you want to squeeze the absolute best times out of your RSX without spending thousands of dollars? With a cold air intake from Tuner Times, your RSX will get more air, increasing combustion, and helping your car breathe easier. In addition to increased air, your engine will also be getting colder air – cold air means a more efficient engine.

Subaru Impreza Air Intake Systems

Subaru Impreza air intakeYour Impreza is already a mean street machine – blowing the doors off the competition, but wouldn’t you like to squeeze a few more horsepower out of it? Thanks to the guys at Tuner Times, you can get a new Impreza air intake that will allow your Subi to breathe better, make more power, and use less gas.