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Recently Added Parts

Nissan Sentra Brakes and Brake Pads

Sentra BrakesPush your Sentra to the extreme with a new set of brakes, rotors and pads from Tuner Times. If you’ve upgraded your engine and drivetrain, then it’s time for your brakes to get some attention. A new set of brake pads from Tuner Times will have you stopping on a dime every time.

Dodge SRT-4 Exhaust

SRT-4 ExhaustA new exhaust system will do wonders for your Dodge SRT-4, not only making it sound amazing, with a deep growl that you can see and feel, but it will also increase your available horse power, torque and 1/4 mile times. At Tuner Times we offer the very best in exhaust systems from big names like Banks, Flowmaster and more. You’ll be amazed when you get your new exhaust system from Tuner Times installed.

Dodge SRT-4 Brakes

SRT-4 BrakesSo you’ve gotten your SRT4 running like a bat out of hell, but can you stop? If your Dodge SRT-4 has enough mods to break the sound barrier, you’ll need to upgrade the brakes as well. A good set of slotted rotors will have you stopping on a dime, where the stock brakes will fade with heat and time. Once you try our upgraded brakes you won’t ever go back to stock.

Dodge SRT-4 Air Intake Systems

SRT-4 Air IntakeWant to take your Dodge SRT-4 to the next level? If so, you’ll need a new air intake from the guys at Tuner Times. We offer an amazing array of intakes that will add horsepower and torque to your SRT4 without emptying your wallet. Rev up your SRT4 today with an intake from the guys at Tuner Times

Nissan Sentra Exhaust Systems

Nissan Sentra exhaust systemSentras are some of the most popular cars in the tuner scene for a reason – they’re a great value and pack quite a punch! But how do you squeeze the last few horses out of them? Install a new Nissan Sentra exhaust system. Our exhausts and muffler are made to maximize power and performance – you wont’ be disappointed!

Nissan Sentra Air Intake Systems

Nissan Sentra Air Intake SystemsWant to really open up the power in your Nissan Sentra? Well then, you need an air intake from Tuner Times that will cram the maximum amount of air into your engine.

When you let your Sentra’s engine breathe easier, you’ll make more power and get better gas mileage.

Mitsubishi Lancer Seat Covers

mitsubishi lancer evolution seat coversAt Tuner Times we have the best deals around on Mitsubishi Lancer Seat Covers. We offer hundreds of styles, colors and logos, from traditional sheepskin, to waterproof wetsuit material, to a more traditional cotton cloth. No matter what your taste, Tuner Times has a seat cover that will make your interior look amazing.

Subaru Impreza Seat Covers

Subaru Impreza Seat CoversAt Tuner Times, we offer a large selection of seat covers for your Subaru Impreza. We have an array of materials including sheepskin, wet suit, cotton nylon and more. We carry the color, graphics, and logos that you want, at a price that can’t be beat, so when you need a Subaru seat cover, look to Tuner Times.

Acura RSX Seat Covers

Acura RSX seat coversDo you want to keep your Acura’s seats looking like new? Maybe you’re looking for a splash of color, or an updated interior. Whatever your reason, we’ve got a set of seat covers that will make your Acura RSX’s interior look better than new. We offer hundreds of styles, colors and graphics, to please any RSX owner.

Chevy Cobalt Performance Chips

Thanks to the guys at Tuner Times, you can now get more power, better fuel economy and more torque with one of our performance chips. We offer some of the most aggressive chips on the market, featuring incredibly easy installation that results in blinding speed on the street.